About Mykonos , Cyclades

Mykonos island belongs to the complex of Cyclades and is one of the jewels of Aegean.¬†This island is the queen of fun. Here, holidays means partying. An endless party that starts when visitors arrive at the port and ends when they leave Mykonos. Apart from entertainment, Mykonos offers calmness to whoever wants it. There are quiet villages and beaches where visitors can enjoy their vacation away from the madness of the island.Panagia Paraportiani – (the Church of Our Lady) one of the most famous architectural structures in Greece.The church received its name Paraportiani, which means “standing next to the entrance / door”, because it was located next to the entrance of the ancient castle, or kastro door.

Little Venice

Little Venice – rows of fishing houses line the waterfront with their balconies hanging over the sea.They originally belonged to rich merchants or captains and the little basement doors that provided direct access to the sea and underground storage areas led people to believe that the owners were secretly pirates.