Symi Photos , Dodecanese island

Symi , sometimes spelt Simi, is one of the smaller holiday islands in the Dodecanese group just 9km off the Turkish coast north of Rhodes.

It is a popular destination for day trippers and there are regular daily excursions from the Rhodes port of Mandraki.Once famed for boat building and for its sponges, the trees have long been hacked down and the sponges been killed off by disease.

Neoclassical mansions hang off the hills around the main port, a reminder of Symi’s rich past a and splendid sight for arriving visitors. In the early morning and late evening the bay is a haven of calm but for most of the day it is thronged with day trip visitors.

One of the big tourist attractions on Symi is the monastery at Panormitis, a favourite with the boat day trippers who find a spectacular building in a large bay on the southwest tip of the island.

Popular beaches are: Nos , Nimbrios , Agios Emilianos , Agios Vasilios , Marathounta  , Agios Giorgios , Agios Nikolaos , Agia Marina , Pedi